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Wow, Matt Roger’s When Answers Aren’t Enough is a God-send book! It was a book that was hard to put down.  I could not wait to continue reading it! Although with finals and so forth, I thank God for the grand opportunity of obtaining this book through Zondervan.  I read from page to page with expectation for Him to move and teach me something new.  Being that I have encountered death directly (example:  paternal grandmother and cousin) and indirectly (example:  college friends and colleague’s sister), I would say that I understood what it means to grief, never forget, and maintain that God is good through it all.  In fact, it does not have to be death, people could question God why one has to go through sexual abuse, abortion, drugs, et cetera.  However, it is not His fault for we are given choices.  Unfortunately, we are in the cocoon of this world but must pray to remain set apart as we hide in Him.  I commend Matt for painting such a reader friendly picture of life as we know and experience it.  Sometimes we know why things happen; most often we do not, just as in the case of the Bryants’ as shared by Matt.  In fact, I do thank God for the mystery of His ways because if we had known all, we would have no need of Him.  Praise God for the beauty of the lilies and the present of each moment because we ought to breath each breathe as if it was our last ad infinitum souled out to Him in service and expecting Him to work in and through us.  Just as Rebekah Bryant wrote in her spiritual journal (page 48), that is my prayer also: 

“Lord, your ways are perfect, and you have a plan for me that is just what I need and exactly what you want me to do for you.  You are the one who controls me and what happens to me.  You are almighty and never say, “Oops!” Use me today for your will.” 

Indeed as always, His word—the Bible comes first, but this is a must read!!! 

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

–Hebrews 11:6


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  1. that seems like a book I should read, thanks for the recommendations.

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