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Rick Goad is a man after God’s own heart.  I was blessed by God with his CD at church on 28Apr2008 (Monday).  I picked the CD up from the foyer prior to serving but after prayer.  Due to the busyness of life, I was not able to listen to the CD until Wednesday of that week on my way to work and boy I was glad I did! The spirit moved and it was a great worship time as I sang out loud to our King.  I was later led with passion to share the good news through the CD.  So, I attended Wednesday night service and then picked up nine CDs.  Mind you, by the end of next day, they were gone and I believe He used me to give it to just the nine that needed to hear that message at work, yes at work–praise God! 


I thank God for Rick and his wife.  Although he is no longer with us as he is now with our Daddy, I thank God for using his life and death to lead me & countless others to His throne room of grace.  Words cannot fully grasp my joy and gratefulness to God for divinely appointing the CD.  I praise God for using Rick to edify through his illness.  To God be the glory forevermore! God does build His monument for it is one thing to praise Him when all is well and another to exalt Him when facing trials and tribulations.


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