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I do want to thank God for leading me to Brody and Kristin’s sites.  It has been a blessing getting to know them via cyberworld.  I do pray to someday see them if not here on earth, in heaven when the time comes, Lord willing.  You two are awesome couple and I love you guys.  It is as if I have known you for ages.  You have become another family member!  You are blessed to have each other and God has blessed you with three heritages.  When you hurt or celebrate I do too.  I love your creativity and you never cease to put a smile on my face.  Thanks friends for remaining available to be used by God for He has certainly used you and keeps doing so worldwide.  I pray God will continue to bless, guide and use you beyond your imagination.  May His face continue to shine upon you as He persist in strengthening your love for Him and one another (Proverbs 16: 3, 9)…



  1. Thanks for the kind words, Kelly. It’s great to get to know people even without knowing them. Your prayers and encouragement are awesome.

  2. Thanks Brody and glory be to God!

  3. Kelly, Thank you so much for all the sweet encouragement to our family. I feel like you are a true friend and pray-er for our family. you are certainly appreciated.


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