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Hi! I love how the Lord works and I cannot stress how crucial it is for us to begin ALL that we do, think, say, etc with Him leading.  As I headed to the library to work on my class assignment submissions that are due tonight by 10pm, I did not know how to tackle the discourse but knew better to rely on Him to carry me through as always–through rain or shine–and He did! I pray His word will not return void as I am ever thankful to Him for placing me at a school that gives people opportunity to touch base with our spiritual side of living.  Although I posted this for my Religion and ethics course, I am a taking a step of faith to post because His Spirit bears witness with mine (Romans 8:16)…May God continue to go before you:

A faith-based influence on ethical decision-making is dependent on individual.  I perceive my faith have aided me in streamlining my decisions and do understand that everyone’s belief system may defer even within similar classification or strata.  Thus, consensus matters and there are times to be cautious because I cannot tell people to drink or not to drink and drive for example or even the controversial issue of to abort or not to abort, or the probable need for blood during surgery, but there is a limit in which I am not willing to compromise when it comes down to defaming the One I belief in and I will briefly illustrate my faith-based influences and how it is helping me in my environment.  You see, with each day and shall I even note, moment, I am realizing that the more biblical or other forms of knowledge I acquire, the less I know and the more questions I have.  I am going to be blatant that I am under construction and do not know/understand all. 


I thank God, the God of the Bible for who I am today and the continuous transformation into His poiema (Ephesians 2:10).  This is not meant to make me self righteous or anything of that nature because I am aware and confess (Romans 10:9) that I fall short (Romans 3:23) and realize that by His strips, I am healed (Isaiah 53:5).  However no matter how imperfect (Romans 3:10) I am, He has saved me by His grace (Ephesians 2:8 ) through love (Romans 5:8), has made me into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) and have promised (and yes, He keeps His promises—2 Peter 3:9) me eternal life (Romans 6:23), called me His friend (John 15:15).  I thank God for the gift of salvation for my reason for living is not dependent on what I do, but on the priceless act He has demonstrated on my behalf.  He could have condemned me for my sins but chose otherwise—rather, He reached out to me and all (Romans 8, Romans 10:13). 


Just as He did not force Himself into my life, neither will I impose my faith (Hebrews 11) on anyone whether at home, workplace or public at large.  However, having offered my life to Him, putting Him first (Matthew 6:33) in deed not only in words is my desire.  Therefore, He is my life and not part of my life.  I do realize earth is diverse and beliefs are heterogeneous.  (Romans 12:9-13)I will respect, love and serve wherever I am led, but pray not to compromise the sole purpose of why I do what I do on momentarily basis because it is so very easy to give up when life is difficult, and confusing when not standing on a firm foundation.  As I mature chronologically and spiritually, I pray to remain steadfast not befuddled by all the discourses that surround me. 


Everyone have their opinion, thus I choose to rest on the ultimate vista by not being ashamed of the gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16) but being set apart by the way I live (Romans 1:32) by His strength (Philippians 4:13).  Again, if Jesus does not force people to Himself but gives invitation and anyone is more than welcome to RSVP, who am I to shove scriptures down people’s throats? This may sound outlandish but it is real, when in love we talk about the one we love and hope to stay in love.  Similarly, I am in love with God and hence desire to share Him.  I understand that I have to be sensitive because say if I keep blabbing about the man or in this case Man I love, and no one wants to listen, I pray to apply wisdom and not fill your ears or page with information on my love life—do keep in mind though for His word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11).  Yet, we have the option to listen or walk away.  I share because He is my life and my heart is His home—that is my choice—I understand yours may differ not only in Public Health arena but overall.



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