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This book was God-sent for such a time as this both personally and professionally.  I see God’s hand in my life and in this world.  I pray He would continue to MOVE in our hearts and lives.  May we make our hearts His home as we rest in surrender in His arms of love.  


Thank you, Dr. Carson, for truly “…loving your fellow man, caring for your neighbor, and living a life of service by developing your God-given talents to the point that you become invaluable to the people around you.”  You are His instrument and I enjoyed reading the book.  He used it to feed and encourage me and I sincerely pray that He would use it to impact people’s lives worldwide. He has blessed us with brains and as you have shared with us, I pray we would use it wisely and effectively. 


Folks, this is a must read!! It is edifying and at the same time, there is a sense of true fellowship as we hold fast our confession per Hebrews 10:19-25.  Even though we may not know where we are going, God is good…I pray we would take each step by faith and not by sight in obedience (Hebrews 11:8).  I am encouraged reading this book–both personally and professionally–and pray, Lord willing, you will be too!


Excerpt from page 233:  “Dostoevsky was right.  Without faith and values by which to weigh the answers of our B/WAs, there is no way to conduct a valid or meaningful risk analysis.  For if there is no right or wrong, there can be no best or worst.  That’s a risk none of us should be willing to take.”


Thank you and God bless.


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