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I know, I know, it is not Tuesday.  However, you know what, I have my family to thank.  This family ranges from blood family to church fam.  I have been sick since Sunday right after midnight.  Even then, I headed to Kaiser to volunteer at the ER as usual and I had a blast! God is good.  Guess what though, right after I arrived home through the commute, I was very fatigued and slept until about 10pm—I had to force myself up in order to finish my assignments that were due that night.  I also emailed my boss just so he was aware that I was experiencing flu like symptoms.  With God’s help, I struggled—He was my strength and saw me through as I took quizzes, wrote papers, and submitted my assignments.  The next day, I went to work.  My boss was very supportive of me taking care…so I left by 11am.  Since I had to wait for my brothers due to school, I headed to church. 


I prayed with the intercessory prayer ladies, ended up serving as usual during the evening service.  It was all God because with chills, muscle aches, high fever, and other enchiladas, I could not have made it without Him and the prayers stemming from the family.  So, without much ado, and even though I stayed in bed yesterday, I am back to work—feeling much better and thankful to God for this day and this very moment and medium He gives me.  May I/we praise Him not only when all is going as we wish, but even in our darkest hour because He is good.  A friend divinely sent this verse to me and it blessed me…Psalm 12:5…so, feel free to check it out! Thank God for you all and for being the Lover of my soul.


Oh, and for more posts, check out, seriously, you will be blessed!!!!!


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  1. Aww, I wasn’t aware you weren’t feeling well, but I am glad you’re doing better.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I greatly appreciate it. It’s going to be a weird transition from Indiana to California, but I’m so glad to know God will be with me every step of the way. That was more of a “confession post” than anything else, as I realize worry means distrust in God, and distrust in God is sin. So thank you for your encouragement on my confession. 🙂

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