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God is good—All the time and believe me, this is real! There is never a dull moment with Him.  I pray that He will continue to be all of our vision.  I was downcast as I headed out to lunch today.  I knew better because the closer we are to the Him, the more of a target we are to the enemy…HOWEVER, as Paul shared in the book of Romans (ch.8), nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. 


So, He led me to a local park that is surrounded by different churches.  It is a very serene environment and in fact, they play instrumental hymnals at 12noon…so, that was my target time.  I got there at 12:02 and ended up hearing “Amazing—grace—how sweet the sound—that saved a wretched—like me!…” Oh how I needed to hear that because God is so very good and has been to me.  I do not deserve Him at all yet He never lets me go. 


Being that it is a hot afternoon, I was praying for shade, but continued to walk, found myself at the swing and did that for a while as I hummed (not even sure what the tune was as it was all in the spirit).  I departed the swing, noticed I still had some time—ended up being led to a shade…I found myself singing, audibly, “…meet us (me) here—Lord—We (I) are (am) few but we (I) are (am) strong—when You surround—us…”  Indeed, just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, He surrounded me and is always with me. 


He led me to cry out to Him—don’t ask me what we shared for He alone knows.  I praise God for His grace, peace, mercy, faithfulness, and love.  I was led to encourage a child of His and was blessed by it because that was divinely set.  I love being and remaining in the arms of love.  I pray He will meet you wherever you are even in these perilous times.  I pray we will keep looking to our Saviour and not to this world of hopelessness because He is our I AM as believers in Jesus Christ who believe He came to this world, died, rose, and will be coming again for His bride!!


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