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God is our vision and I pray it will remain.  I was not looking for a mate but he came knocking.  Only God knows the steps as we wait on Him.  I am grateful to the couples at church that God is using to give me wise counsels.  I pray we remain in Him as He in us.  Lord, as we trust and acknowledge You, please continue to direct our part.  You are in control of our lives—please take us as we are and transform us into man and woman after Your heart.  Time will tell with regard to our relationship type, but I thank You for this time of patience, Your hand in our lives, and the overflowing power of the Holy Spirit in all that we say and do.


Loving and praising You for the couples in addition to the one You’ve brought into my life.  In Jesus’ name, amen!


Visit Positive Post Tuesday for more! Happy Birthday Kristin!!!!




  1. Yeah ! Kelly. I am so happy for this post and for you.
    May God grant you every prayer in His perfect will.

    Much love, Barb

  2. Thank you kelley!

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