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…is first and foremost in Christ, then of course His creation.  Don’t you just love it when you are upset and downcast then a breeze passes by and tickles your neck, thus placing a smile on your face even though you promised yourself “no smiling”?! 🙂 In fact, God have mercy on us when we think that way! How about when you are strolling in a mall or just a park and you hear a baby’s laugh or cry? I treasure the times when I am crying out to Him and He assures me in His word, through prayer, and even people that He has heard me and is always there? How about when He gives us songs in the night with His peace that surpasses all understanding, especially when it hits right into the depths of our hearts?? Even though our kids may be noisy, is it not wonderful how we prefer they stay healthy than sick? Praise God for life. 


Thanks to God for never giving up on us though most and yes, even our loved ones may lose hope on our behalf.  I thank God for those difficult times, such as with finances, when we do not know where the money for the disconnection bill will come from and yet, He remains faithful and comes to our rescue just as we surrender ALL to Him which is very crucial and I pray we let go of everything and let Him take charge for He does know best! Do you remember the last time you sat in your room and probably on your knees at His feet or maybe in your car and He met you just where you were?!


Hmmm, I could keep writing, but you know what I would suffice in prayer that we would continue to love Him and one another not only in words but in action.  May we press on and have nil option of giving up!! In addition, just as we remain in prayer, word and fellowship, I pray we would continue to share Him with those divinely set opportunities, may we listen to His voice in obedience, and may we continue to love, labor and live for Him and one another for Jesus Christ is our very lives and without Him, we are nothing and cannot do anything for we are limited and He, limitless! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!!


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