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It is an honor to recognize the men and women

who are remaining steadfast in Christ come what may.

They open the doors of theirs hearts and home.

These people, whether or not one is aware, continuously

Sacrifice their self interests in order to demonstrate love.

Certainly, God is our ultimate example, yet I thank

Him for His tools.  I exalt Him for giving them

Such compassionate heart.  There are orphans everywhere

And kids who do not have a place to lay their heads.

In fact, there are big kids who may need help too

And how about the people in hospitals who are bedridden?


God uses the type of people I have briefly described

Above and more to bless the helpless and give kids a home away

From home.  My prayer is for His John 3:16 love to continue

To illuminate in our lives.  He is our exemplary; His tools

Are His ambassadors…so, I would like to take this

Opportunity to thank them and thank God for all that

Has done, is doing, and will do through them for it is not in

Vain.  I pray for that love that could only emanate from

Jesus Christ Himself to continue to flow!


Let your light so shine before men, that they may see

your good woks, and glorify you Father which is in

heaven. [Matthew 6:16]



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