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Get Me Back To Basics

Because It Is About You and I

I Will Confess My Sins Openly

And Worship You Passionately

Draw Close To Your Heart

So That I May See You

And Remain In Intimately Entwined


In Embrace With You

Lead Me To The Rock

That Is Higher Than I

We Are One Never

To Be Separated

Help Me To Be Still

For I Know That You Are God


I Will Stand Back

And Let You Move

I Will Worship You

For All Battles Are Yours

Even When Mountains Fall

And The Oceans Roar

You Opened My Blind Eyes


And Deaf Ears

You Raised Me From


You Honor Your Word

All In A Nutshell

You Are The Love Of My Life

Lord Circumcise My Heart


Please Lead Me To

Search Your Word

Lead Me To Your Will

Making The Cross Real

In My Life

So That I May Do Your Will

Because I Want To


Go Your Way

I Pray To Be On Your Side

Please Provide The Battle Plan

I Was Blind But Now I See

Amazing Grace For Saving Me

Descend Upon My Life

And Make Me Whole


The Only Safe Place

To Be Is Where You—God  

Want Me To Be

To Live Is Christ

And To Die Is Gain

Choosing To Disobey

Your Will Is Choosing


To Suffer For Nothing

Soon And Very Soon

I Am Going To See

The King…So I Am

Going To Keep Looking Up

As An Acts 2:42 Christian

Lord Give Me Heart Of Humility


Lord I Pray To Be Addicted

To Your Love Word And

To See Your Spirit Work

Help Me In Redeeming

The Time And Please

Use It For Your Glory

May I Be Fully Actively


Following You

Resisting The Devil

And Knowing That He Will Flee

I Submit To You—Lord


I Commit All To

You My Love So That I May Serve


You—Daddy Fully

For You Have Given Me

A New Start…

May Your Will Alone

Continue To Be Done

In My Life Here On Earth

As It Is In Heaven


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