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Is it not interesting how certain things matter to us when we are in that particular situation? I find it outstanding just how the good Shepherd knows how to meet us where we are.  I do not think we are prone to drink milk forever.  Therefore, as we grow in Him and as He continues to lead us, we continue to grow.  One of the keys to seeing Him and He/people seeing Him in us occurs when we trust Him, obey Him totally, and desire purity that could be achieved with His help alone (John 9:7). 


Although a kid under construction, I thank God for never giving up on me.  Even now as I seek Him and His peace regarding every step in the life He has given me, I pray to continue to plead for His mercy, grace, wisdom, love, faithfulness, loyalty, companionship, understanding, knowledge, fervency, zeal, and most especially, the power—Holy Ghost so that I could be able to take a leap of faith whenever wherever He ushers me. Daddy, continue to mold me into who I am meant to be because I would be lost without You.  I surrender all to You. 


LORD, please help me to turn all doubts to trust.  Please, Adonai—I need You desperately and depend on You for every breath.  I know I fall short and do not know what tomorrow holds.  I am so glad that You will do the rest if I just yield—help me to always let go.  Please continue to speak to me and I pray Your love would overcome the fear of the unknown because I know You will lead me…Yeshua, I believe in You and choose to place my trust in You knowing that You will complete that which You have began.  All I need is You. 


You are the only One strong enough to hold me up.  My LORD and God, I wait on You with faith because I know You are ever with me.  You will not leave me half-baked, but will see me through—You will surely carry me home.  I praise You for helping me to live a life of absolute surrender for Your glory because I know I cannot stand on my own.  I need You to hold me up so that I could keep walking with You.  Thank You for times of communion with You…You have my heart, life…all for You, my Love, Lord and King.  All for You forever, Savior—You are the reason I live moment by moment.


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