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As I was listening to God’s word (Ephesians 6:16-17a) via pastor Matt Kottman, I am reminded that faith is not merely knowing the word of God but trusting and believing the word of God.  It has been said and as I continue to experience, faith never puts a question mark where God has placed a full stop or a period.  Oh, how we direly need to live that life of faith with one another! Faith in the Lord and His promises bring confidence and assurance because I know and continue to experience His faithfulness moment by moment.  I thank God for the shield of faith which has already determined my victory—not victory in myself but in Christ Jesus.  The Lord keeps me going come what may.  Through it all, I see His majesty and may we never lower His shield of faith by becoming self-confident! Surely, my confidence remains in God alone!!


Here is a song from and to the Lover of my soul:


“….take up the cross—and follow Jesus—take up the cross—everyday.  Don’t be ashamed—to say that you love Him—Count the cost, take up the cross, and follow Him…” 


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