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Life is painful

However, God makes it bearable.

Choosing to stand for

Christ means dying to

Self, counting the cost,

And loyally following

Jesus all the way not



I was once lost in darkness, bondage,

Or whatever you may call it…

Maybe even wilderness.

Even then, my faithful

Father never failed to

Intercede on my

Behalf until I finally

Took that step of

Faith through the open

Door He long provided.


I will also purport that

His timing and manner

Are always perfect.

You see, even though

It hurts to forsake all

That I had once held

Dear and it remains

Painful being that

I am human, I know

My God will never

Fail me. 


I know He

Will surely complete

All that He has started

And He has assured me

All wounds would be

Healed (Jer. 30:17)–so, I pray

To continue to relinquish

Myself and all involved

At the altar, one by one,

Knowing He will meet me

There and do the very

Best with it all!


At the end of the day,

I am reminded He is

The sole reason I live…

Because when all else

Ran, Doubted and Condemned,

He welcomed me

To rest in His embrace,

Washed me white as snow,

And assured me no

One could ever

Snatch me away from

The palms of His

Hands because He is aware

Of my frailty without

Him—for that,

I am forever grateful

To my Father’s faithfulness

As I continue to fix

My gaze on Him

And rest at the foot

Of the cross

With His supernatural help.


Search me and know me (Ps.139)…

Help me for I choose

To walk the narrow way

Crucify my flesh, LORD

And fill me with Your

Holy Spirit because

I desire to be Your



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