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As I listen and join Sherri to God’s throne of grace, I rediscover God’s amazing grace afresh! His love divine sweeps me off my feet and into His everlasting arms…I thank God for this beloved sister and pray His will continue to be done in and through her!! For more information, please visit:  I know that no matter the hour, whether in sickness or health, rich or poor,…He continues to still my soul like to no other and I choose to walk by faith not by sight, so help me God.

In Christ alone~



Words and music Sherri Youngward


Be still my soul

I can see the horizon

A cold cold wind is about to blow


Be still my soul

I will not falter  

Faith believes when it cannot see     

This I know


Nothing will ever take this love away

The grass will wither and the flower fade

These things don’t change


Bless the Lord oh my soul

I’m stepping off of this familiar shore

I’ll put to test the things I know        

This I know


By surprise He’ll catch me by surprise

He will burst right through the skies

And we will fly away


Height, depth, width, breadth, poverty,

Prosperity, kingdoms, power, 

Persecution, life, death, tribulation, 

Love, hate, chance, fate, angels, demons, sinner, saint, nothing on earth no

created thing


Sherri- J150 Gibson Acoustic Guitar

Danny- J45 Gibson Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Loops, 1865 Stewart Banjo, 1969 Fender Telecaster

Jon Button- Bass

Aaron Redfield- Drums


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