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According to Focus On The Family {}’s article on Why Have Kids? By Steve Watters and Candice Z. Watters, here is the response to the question:

1.  Babies Are Wealth

 – “…Children are truly priceless.”

2.  Babies Add Meaning and Goodness

 – “…It gives us a chance to see the world through fresh eyes – restoring the magic and innocence that tend to fade with age…”

3.  Babies Shape Our Souls

 – “…The demands of children that frighten so many would-be parents are in fact a crucible that can bring out the person God designed them to be.”

4.  Babies Are a Continuous Source of Hope

 – “…Instead of letting the problems around us frighten us away from having children, we should recognize God’s pattern of using new life to fix those problems, to bring renewal and fresh hope.”

I agree because life may come with challenges even if the particular journey is desired but God is very much in control.  I do not take the time with my baby for granted at all.  I thank God for giving him to us while we were both ages 30 and 27.  Certainly, we do not know all and will not claim to know all but thank God for our gift.  We trust Him to continue to have His perfect will with us.


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