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God is so good and I thank Him for every breath as well as every moment spent with my husband and son! Thank You Jesus!!

I enjoyed this excerpt from by Kimberly Campbell:

“In the first year of my son’s life, I made exactly four entries in the journal.
Watch him while he slept? Ha! Those precious moments were reserved for
showering, napping, and e-mailing baby pictures. When he was awake, I wanted to
hold him, not a pen. By the end of the day, I was too tired to write, even if I
could find the journal under the mountains of toys, laundry, unopened mail, tiny
socks, and dirty dishes. But I tried to mark the milestones — the ones that
wouldn’t be covered in his baby book or the family photo album: the first time
he smiled just for me, the first time I managed to tie the damn swaddling
blanket correctly, the first time he made a noise that sounded a little bit like
a word. The sixty-seventh time I fell asleep sitting up with the journal in my
lap, its crisp, white pages spread out before me like a freshly made bed. The
journal may be half-empty, but my heart is one hundred percent full. Some things
you just can’t put on paper.”


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