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I thank God for His amazing grace and unfailing love.  I praise Him for blessing me with my husband as well as our son.  God is so good beyond comprehension.  My prayer remains to be with Him and serve Him wholeheartedly.  Lord Jesus, I thank you for who You are to me.  You never fail.  I know I am nothing apart from You.  I give You all that I am and have.  You are my all in all.  Thank You for my hubbie, Your son, and my son Your son who is now 6 months old.  He is truly a gift and we thank You for him! It is a blessing to watch him sleep as he is now and to try to see life through his lenses. 

His child-like faith is awesome and I see why we should have that as adults yet Your children because he needs us as his parents to be there to protect him as he explores; to be there to catch him should he start to fall; to help to ease his pain (he now has his two lower teeth); to feed him if he is hungry; change him/clean him whenever needed; help him sleep/rest so that he will feel better; love him and love on him; give him lots kisses and hugs; give him options not just no answers; and help him to know YOU because You  are our everything and without You, there is no hope and future.  Papa, therefore, I thank You for dying for my sins and rising again so that I may live eternally with You.  I give You back all that You have given me because Your hands far exceed mine and Your leadings best.  I trust You and pray to look to You rejoicing on how You LOVE me!!





In Jesus’ name, AMEN!!!


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