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We mountain.  Shooting stars.  Missions conference.  Those are some of the words that are as pieces of puzzles that was pieced together by the Lord to lead me to marriage.  Before I continue, tonight, God blessed me by this very inspiring movie:  Straight From The Heart.  I am very picky about my movies but this one became one of my favorites thus far.  It contained certain elements that I love and cherish–Music.  Country music.  Dancing.  Mountains.  Pictures.  True love.  Shooting stars.  Being real.  New beginnings.  Being able to love again.  Forgiveness.  Learning from the past, letting go of it, and embracing the present while looking to the future.  Making most of every moment.  Cherishing the simple things of life.  Horses.  Laughter.  Beauty.  Elegance.  Marriage.  I am glad my hubbie and I gave the movie a chance even though we thought it would be horrible.  Thank You, Jesus, for the way You continue to orchestrate my life.  I pray Your perfect will in my life continuously.  You promise and do keep.  Thank You for prayer.  Thank You for calling me into marriage and motherhood.  Thank You always for all things.  I look to You and I know this is only the beginning to You amazing me by who You are to me and all You do not only in me but through me.  It is not about me but You and You alone.  May my life bring You glory.  By the precious grace of God, Daddy, please use me to radiate Your compassion and love to the dying world because You are God–my heart is forever and always Yours, O LORD.


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