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This is not the first time that my baby, God’s gift, had fallen

But today’s reminded me of God’s love to me even when I fall.

He warns me but I get to make the choice.

He directs me yet I get to choose to obey or not.

Today, we are thankful for God’s continued

Love, guidance, provision, grace, peace, mercy, faithfulness

But we know we are all about to embark on a new season.

My hubbie and I received this text from our friend and brother:

“God Will OPEN the DOOR! And No man will be able to close it-

a step of faith, that’s all it takes!:)”

I echoed amen because it is true!

Just as I was hurt to see my baby’s tears/blood upon falling,

Our Lord hurts for us too

But the great thing is as we continue to take steps of faith,

He will never leave nor forsake us, He will never tell us

I told you so, and He will forever take us in His embrace

Wiping away our tears while cleaning our blood stains, and

Consoling us with His gentle touch until we are ready

To continue to press on!

Lord Jesus, we look to You and thank YOU for every

Season that You sovereignly bring before us.

I love who You are and look to the providence

You have set before each of us.

We will not fear but continue to walk by faith

And not by sight! Amen.


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