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This was sent by a dear friend.  I would love to share with you, enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving to God!



So what is Thanksgiving all about?
Giving…THANKS to God for the blessings He has given you.
You know me…..shooting direct from the heart…..and this year I find it really really hard to feel thankful.  Thankful that I’ve worked really hard all of my life and have lost my income?  Thankful that I’ve been blessed to own two homes and be losing all of it as of 12/15/11?  Thankful that the economy has pushed others into starting new careers where the competition is so stiff that it is almost “impossible” to start over again?  But……BUT…..THANKFULLY I am really pretty strong (I think) that I can dig deep to be grateful for what I do have….like my health and good sense to keep moving forward…and ability to help others (which brings me great joy!).
I’ll bet I’m not the only one struggling.  Each one of you has struggles because there is no such thing as a perfect life.  Some people may put up a good front but their close, observant friends know better and stay close just in case that person needs a hug or a listening ear.  Raising children in this day and age is TOUGH – they are pushed to grow up way too fast.  Being married to someone who does not always respect you or rules the household with a heavy hand.  The “friend” you thought you had but has hurt you through gossip.  The boss who doesn’t support you.  The many childhood dreams that never materialized.  I could go on.  But you know……and it hurts…..and you sometimes cannot see light at the end of the tunnel.
Please do not feel sorry for me.  Of course I am sad, as you may be with your own situation, but…..BUT….there is hope!  Yes, really!
HOPE is a person.
That person is Jesus.  He is the one who will never forsake us, even though our family and friends may.  He is the One who carries us….holds us.  It is OUR journey, and ours alone….with Him; the One who created every living cell.  We get to decide….on our own….how we will make good use of our time on this journey.  We can give up and do nothing….or keep going.  But…there may be certain circumstances where physically we just don’t have the strength to carry on….and there is no guilt or shame in that.  In the time we have left on earth, no matter what the circumstances, we still get to serve the Lord in our actions and words.  The decision is between you and the Lord….because….on that day of Judgement, we each will stand alone and the only question that we will be asked is “What did you do for my Son?”
Praying for each of you…..for strength….comfort….clarity…blessings.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
James 1:22
1 John 3:16-18

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